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Our Eco-Friendly Parking Lot

Pervious Parking Lot at Steeple View LoftsAs we near the time for the first residents to move in, the finishing touches are being put on Steeple View Lofts. This includes the paving of our parking lot behind the building. While it might look like most other parking areas, this lot has features making it one of the first of its kind in downtown Lancaster City as well as the county. The lot has been paved with pervious pavement which allows rainwater to flow back into the ground instead of into the city sewers.

Pervious pavement is one type of green infrastructure being embraced around the country to protect and clean up local rivers and streams by managing stormwater runoff at the local level through the use of natural systems, or engineered systems that mimic natural systems, to treat polluted runoff.

Restored flood plain at Landis Homes.

Restored flood plain at Landis Homes.

As part of Landis Communities, being environmentally conscious is something that is second nature to us. In fact, Landis Homes recently completed a floodplain restoration project that turned a five-acre area into a thriving wildlife habitat, which will help control stormwater and improve water quality.

Downtown Lancaster and surrounding Lancaster County are also no stranger to being environmentally friendly. Our pervious pavement parking lot is part of the city’s larger Save It! campaign, an effort intended to help residents and commercial property owners conserve water, prevent pollution and encourage efforts to “soak it up” using various forms of green infrastructure.

Save It! is sponsored by the City of Lancaster in partnership with Lancaster County Conservancy’s LIVE Green program, which helps businesses and residents in our city develop a sustainable way of life for our community. This video ‘Capturing Stormwater Naturally in Lancaster Pennsylvania’ does a great job of explaining how these local efforts have a positive impact on an even larger scale, like helping with Chesapeake Bay preservation efforts.

Residents interested in adding a little green to their lifestyle won’t need to look far. There are two fantastic spots focused on environmentally responsible living right here in our neighborhood – Fresco Green Scene and Tellus360.

Located on Prince Street’s Gallery Row, Fresco Green Scene is an eco-lifestyle store and environmentally conscious provider of safer, healthier, eco-conscious products, including; building and remodeling products, bath, body, household detergents, gifts and accessories.

Rooftop Yoga Tellus360

Rooftop Yoga on Tellus360’s Green Roof

Near Penn Square on King Street, Tellus360 is a unique store featuring affordable and sustainable products for lifestyle and home décor, eco-friendly gifts and clothing, as well as reclaimed wooden furniture and even rooftop solar hot water panel systems. In addition to the retail store, Tellus360 also features an impressive ‘green roof’ which is not only beautiful but is functional as well. The space not only helps with water conservation, but is also a great place for rooftop yoga, which is offered regularly throughout the week.  If you look closely at the picture – you can see their compost tumbler, which is available through LIVE Green.

Both of these locations, and our parking lot are just a small portion of the impressive local movement to be more thoughtful and considerate of our environment – just one more thing to love about living in Lancaster, PA!

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