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Considering downsizing your Home?

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        While downsizing after retirement can be a difficult decision—especially in a home full of memories—there are many benefits to moving into a smaller space.
If you have a mortgage paid off, it may seem justifiable to stay in your home that may be bigger than you need. However, there are always hidden costs like “maintenance, a roof, a boiler, heating and landscaping” says Lawrence Glazer, a financial planner at Mayflower Advisors, in an article published last January for The Wall Street Journal called “When Should Retirees Downsize Homes? If You’re Going to Do It, Sooner is Better Than Later”
“If it makes sense, don’t wait,” says Steven Sass, an associate director at the Boston College Center for Retirement Research. Downsizing can save you time and money.
Downsizing by moving into a city, especially one like Lancaster, has many benefits as well. Most suburban areas require a car to get to the grocery store or to grab a cup of coffee with a friend. In a city, everything is within walking distance. Central Market, restaurants, parks, shops and more are right outside your door.
If you’re thinking about downsizing and looking for a great Lancaster City location, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to show you around and discuss your options as you made this next step.
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