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Helping Your Parent Downsize, Tips and Tricks

Downsizing can be a daunting task for family members. However, assisting a loved one as they transition into an organized, stress-free and simplified lifestyle can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. Consider the following as you help your parent organize, de-clutter and downsize their home:

DSC_75291. Planning Ahead
Organizing and planning months prior to the move can help alleviate stress. Collect and sort through important documents such as medical records, tax information and birth certificates. Discard any extra household items such as out of date medications and clothing. Remember to submit address changes for credit cards, retirement accounts, medicare and social security. Create a timeline or to-do list and stick to it! Mark off completed tasks and stay on top of items that need to be completed!

2. Packing
Arrange and organize items using color coded and labeled boxes. The Family Caregiver Alliance recommends dividing possessions into four color categories: green=save; orange=possibly save; blue=donate/sell and red=discard. Is it this box or that box that belongs in the kitchen? Assign each box with a destination. Invite family and friends to help pack and sort!

3. Moving6_v2
How will you be moving? Select a dependable moving company to assist you during this stage. Create an inventory checklist and see that all items are packed and stowed.

Remember, it is important that we are supportive during this transition. Moving into a new surrounding can be overwhelming. Steeple View Lofts welcomes you to our friendly and accommodating +55 community. Enjoy Steeple View Lofts beautiful loft-style apartments centered in the heart of downtown Lancaster. Our professional staff will happily serve you as you prepare to downsize your home! Please contact us today.

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