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Stacy Caldwell, Featured Artist for August

Stacy CaldwellWe’re excited to be featuring artwork from the very talented Stacy Caldwell this coming First Friday, August 7th.

Per Stacy’s website –

“As an artist living and working in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I love painting more than any other visual creative medium that I’ve tried. I prefer oil because the paint, the material, has a mind of its own. As much as one wants to control it, in the end the paint wants to do its own thing. Getting out of the way and allowing the paint to do what it wants is when it takes on its own presence, that quality that has the power to move and transform.

My work has benefited from years of classes taken at area colleges and universities, as well as from extended workshops. However, it’s only been during the past decade that I’ve been able to focus more attention on the practice of painting. Beyond what I’ve learned through classes and workshops, I’m learning that creativity is a matter of perspective, a mindfulness that requires vulnerability. I’m realizing that being a painter means learning how to look deeply, listen quietly, and experiment boldly.

While visual guidelines and rules are important, for the painters I admire most, painting isn’t about picture-making. It’s about being enmeshed in the history and the mechanics of painting but then managing to forget everything you know while in the process. When I paint, I’m a participant on a sacred journey removed from time and space, where the physical material and the painting surface become the vehicle for recording the journey.  As I continue to practice and grow, I hope this is what will reflect in my work: the authenticity of that experience. It is what compels me to paint.”

Please join us from 5:00-9:00 p.m. and as always, tours of our beautiful loft-style apartments will be available. We look forward to seeing you!

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