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Discovering Our Downtown Community Together

DSC_7559According to the National Institute of Health, “Previous research has identified a wide range of indicators of social isolation that pose health risks, including living alone, having a small social network, infrequent participation in social activities, and feelings of loneliness.” An estimated 32.7 million people currently live alone in the U.S., accounting for nearly 28% of the country’s total households.

“That said, isolation can have an especially negative impact on older adults,” says Carol Marak, Aging Advocate and Editor at “This is because isolation among our age group can lead to ill health, a reduction in social activities and feelings of loneliness. None of these results are good for positive aging.”

At Steeple View Lofts, we understand the importance of aging together. Centered in Lancaster’s vibrant downtown, coffee shops, restaurants and retail spaces are conveniently located all within walking distance. Residents enjoy Lancaster Central Market, the country’s oldest continuously operating farmers market. Prince St. Cafe serves well as an afternoon meeting spot and The Pressroom offers a delicious dinner menu! Our community is encouraged by this wonderful accessibility. In Lancaster, the possibilities are endless!

Many different age groups call Lancaster home. From millennials to baby boomers, our community attracts a diverse range of inhabitants. We are supported by strong social connection, activities and public transportation to get us there!

Interested in learning more about our downtown community? In classic loft-style, residents enjoy our high ceilings, large windows and exposed brick. To schedule a tour, please visit us online at

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