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Meet Erin Hershey, Residence Assistant


Greetings to all!

My name is Erin Hershey and I work as a part-time intern (residence assistant) here with Steeple View Lofts through The Shalom Project.  The Shalom Project is a new organization in Lancaster city providing recent college graduates exposure and experience in a field they are interested in pursuing as a career while living in intentional community with other participants.  Steeple View Lofts drew my attention because of the intentional relationship building aspect of the organization as well as the opportunity to connect with generations older than myself.

I am so thrilled to have worked with Steeple View Lofts over the past seven months and continuing for the next four months!  I have immensely enjoyed getting to know the residents at Steeple View Lofts: listening to their stories, asking how things are going with their experiences here at Steeple View and resolving and advocating for any of their needs.  Another part of my job is maintaining a digital photo frame with a slideshow of announcements and city events, which I very much enjoy as it helps me, as well as the residents, stay connected with city life.  I hope more opportunities like Steeple View Lofts are available once I come to retirement age!

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