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Living in Lancaster City

There are many reasons why one would want to live in the thriving city of Lancaster, PA. With a multitude of attractions, events, shops, and eateries, there is something for everyone! In general, living in an urban setting provides a number of benefits, and Lancaster City has its own set of advantages. Whether you are looking to downsize or retire, Lancaster City could be the perfect place for you.

A Sense of Community
In Lancaster City, there is nothing better than walking down the street and waving hello to fellow neighbors or shop owners. Although Lancaster City takes up over seven miles of Lancaster County’s vast farmland, there is sense of community that brings the city together. With a friendly face around every corner, living in Lancaster City really feels like home.

The cost of living is always an important factor when deciding on a place to live. Lancaster City makes living affordable, with a large number of local sources for food and shopping. With plenty of free entertainment options downtown, there is not reason to break the bank in order to have some fun. Enjoy a sunny day in any of the parks located downtown, or enjoy the art on Gallery Row. Many Lancaster businesses offer discounts and sales, throughout the year. Enjoy a show at the historic Fulton Opera House at a discounted price for patrons 60 and older.

Get your exercise and get to know the neighborhood by walking the streets of Lancaster City. The easy to navigate city promotes walking for all residents. The nearest coffee shop, bakery, take-out, or restaurant is never too far away. Take in the scenery by running your errands on foot. Although Lancaster City is best experienced by foot, accessibility is not limited to walking with the city bus system.

Experience living in Lancaster City today with Steeple View Lofts. Our rental apartments allow you be only minutes from all that Lancaster City has to offer. For more information on Steeple View Lofts and living in Lancaster City, please visit

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  1. Maria Carr says:

    I would be interested in learning more about steeple view lofts and if there are any available units. Looking forward to learning more.

    Thank you,
    Maria Carr

  2. kristen Stewart says:

    Very nice, I enjoy looking at higher-end lofts & complete overhauls, but this is far more realistic for a lot of us.

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