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How to Stay Active in the Winter

During the winter, you might notice that your physical activity decreases. The cold weather may hinder our motivation for physical activity, but it is important to stay active for the entire year. For the senior population, inactivity can have negative effects on their physical and mental health. Looking for ways to stay active during the cold winter months? Check out these tips!

Join a gym.

Joining a gym during the winter season opens up many options for activity. Many gyms offer fitness classes that are specifically designed and modified for older adults. Get active through classes or enjoy free standing machines. No need to venture far for fitness, check out the YMCA in Lancaster City.

Bundle up and go for a walk.

Although the winter months can get brisk, take advantage of the days where the sun is shining by bundling up and going for a walk. Lancaster City is a very walkable city that encourages walking. Walk around one of the many parks downtown, or window shop on Gallery Row. Just make sure sidewalks and paths are clear of any snow and ice before walking.

Workout around the house.

It might be cold outside, but that does not mean you cannot get some exercise around your own home. Take a walk through every room around your house, or if you live in an apartment building, walk up and down the hallways. At Steeple View Lofts, both of our one and two bedroom apartments provide ample space for exercise and activity.

Socialize with neighbors and friends.

After getting a physical workout, don’t forget to workout your mind. Socializing with neighbors and friends over a board or card game can stimulate the brain and promote mental health. Also try reading a book or newspaper every day to exercise your mind.

At Steeple View Lofts, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise, mentally and physically. However you plan to stay active this winter, Steeple View Lofts encourages safety and overall health. Learn more about our living options for adults 55 and over in Downtown Lancaster by visiting

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