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Carmen & David’s Creamery Returns to Downtown Lancaster

In 2015, David and Carmen Garcia-Hommel posted to Facebook saying they would be closing the beloved Carmen & David’s Creamery, Inc. shop at 25 N. Prince Street. A summertime favorite for locals and tourists alike, the closing of Carmen & David’s came as a shock to most.

“The reality is that our lives are far too complicated now to continue with our current business model,” the couple wrote. “At the same time, we have no intention of abandoning our dreams for Carmen & David’s Creamery.”

Since their closing, Carmen & David’s Creamery has continued to provide their delicious ice cream through partnerships with local businesses.

Today, Carmen and David’s Creamery once again took to Facebook to announce that there will soon be a scoop shop for C&D Ice Cream Goodness once again in downtown Lancaster!  The new location will be at 228 N. Prince Street.

Welcome back to the neighborhood, Carmen & David’s Creamery!


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