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Celebrating Five Years

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of our Grand Opening, we recently interviewed Landis Communities President/CEO Larry Zook about the vision and history that made Steeple View Lofts what it is today. 1. What was the original vision for Steeple View Lofts and how did it come to be?  In 2008, the Landis Homes board […]

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Carol Galligan, Featured Artist for August First Friday

We’re excited to be featuring the artwork of Carol Galligan for our August First Friday showing. Carol lives in Lancaster and holds a Master’s Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Fine Art and Design, Rochester, N.Y.  Her professional background includes having been an Assistant Director of the Paula Allen Gallery, SoHo NYC, and […]

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Focus on the SVL Team

Focus on Daryl Peifer, Director of Business Development, Landis Communities   Steeple View Loft’s community of residents offers a unique and enriching blend of lifestyles and life-goals. This leads to a group of diverse tenants living together harmoniously. Steeple View Lofts actively supports and accommodates this growing community. Residents delight in the sincere and personal assistance they receive […]

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