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Our little city is rich in history of all types, but did you know here is actually a long history of baseball in Lancaster County?

Baseball first came to Lancaster in the 1860s when soldiers returned home from the Civil War. The Lancaster Lancasters and Lancaster Ironsides were the first ever professional teams, and were founded in the 1880s.

About ten years later, an all African American team called the Lancaster Giants began playing in the Keystone Association, with much support from Lancastrians despite the time period’s social pressures. In 1906, the Lancaster Red Roses were formed. The Lancaster Red Roses were the last Lancaster-based baseball team in existence until the Lancaster Barnstormers were formed in 2005.Since 2005, The Clipper Stadium has been “home base” to our local professional baseball team, The Lancaster Barnstormers. For those living at Steeple View Lofts, the stadium is easily in walking distance! Opening night of the season is Friday, May 4 and you can view the full schedule here: http://www.lancasterbarnstormers.com/schedule/.

Now, let’s play some ball!

baseball player running bases

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