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Miesse Candies Soda Float

Our friends at Miesse Candies have recently expanded and now have an ice cream parlor featuring a new attraction; a soda fountain! Although in this case, new is a relative word.

Miesse Candies has been part of the Lancaster community for over 140 years. Since their establishment in 1875, they have dedicated their time to crafting the highest-quality chocolates with all natural ingredients. With this expansion and addition of their soda fountain, they can now create even more delicious treats for their customers.

The antique soda fountain from the 1930’s era was acquired from Shultz Drug Store in York and refurbished by owner, Tracy Artus. The soda fountain features 10 different syrups and 8 fun flavors from the Penn State Berkey Creamery. Some feature flavors include Butter Pecan, Bittersweet Mint, and Coffee Break.

Visiting the parlor is a whimsical experience. When entering you are greeted with a seating space that can hold up to 15 parlor patrons and ice cream scoopers decked out from head to toe in traditional scooping outfits. From a white garrison cap and white button down shirt with a bow tie and apron, you’ll feel like you’re in a ‘60s ice cream shop!

Be sure to come to our building and check out their ice cream parlor.

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