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Columbia Kettle Works restaurant

Founded in Columbia, PA on North 3rd Street, Columbia Kettle Works, a local microbrewery, is expanding their business to Lancaster City and will soon become our next door neighbor.

Work is continuing on the former Phalen’s Furniture building.  To learn more about what will be called “2nd Gear,” Follow CKW on Instagram and Facebook for updates and news.

While the 2nd Gear location will be focused on the microbrewing and won’t have a kitchen, they will have pretzels and nuts, and they will be BYOF – Bring Your Own Food! In addition to their own beer, they will also offer a unique selection of local wine.

This will be the latest addition to our rapidly growing block.  It is hard to remember how empty the block was before renovations to Steeple View Lofts began leading a rejuvenation of the street and the growth of a tight-knit community of residents, businesses and the Fulton Elementary School.  

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