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Downtown Lancaster, PA is home to a wide array of activities for residents and visitors, including art galleries, restaurants, cafes, historical attractions, night-life, unique shops, boutiques, and theaters, all easily within walking distance from Steeple View Lofts.

We love this community and the residents living here. We are especially proud to be among the sponsors of the Red Rose Film Festival coming to Lancaster in early November. The festival promises to have something for everyone, and is a wonderful event for our residents to enjoy.

“I’d compare it to the Roots and Blues Festival,” said film festival board member Penn Ketchum. “It’s an opportunity to get involved in something that can expand the movie-going audience. It’s a chance to expand the range of films people will be able to see.”

The Red Rose Film Festival will take place Nov. 1-3, and begins at noon each day.

Residents of Steeple View Lofts can easily access these events at Zoetropolis, The Ware Center, Tellus360, and Altana. Tickets are offered in a range of options. For more information visit redrosefilmfestival.com

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